ce-c1 - 131% 5 title‘djj‘fi 1.65%} Hetium enters a...

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Unformatted text preview: 131% 5 title‘djj‘fi 1.65%} Hetium enters a reversibte iaethermai eempreaaer at 540011 and 12atm and is eentinueualy compressed tn ISUatm. The kinetic and petentiai energy changes in the eempresaer will be aaaumed te be negligible. Calculate the werk (Btuflb-mele) per mule ef helium needed te run the eempreaaer and the amennt ef heat (Btuflh-mele) per me1e ef helium that must he remuved frem the eempreaaer if helium behaves aeeerding tn the equation ef atate Pa! = RT — am“) + bP where a = 11.13 1JR-fti'Elli-mule a : 0.2445 "ta—a3 fibumele 1n(180t12) = 2.703 Unit eenveraiena fer Prehlem 1: 1 atm = 14.7 paia, 1 fiE—paia = 5.4 Btu 2.05%) In drder tn achieve the maximum change in entrepy ef mixing, what the ameunt (g) ef benzene (78 g/g—mele) aheuld be mixed ‘? If I g ef ethyihenzene (106 gig-mule) is in the ideal mixture (benzene and ethylbenxene). Eh}? 3 thlfi * 95 nnanflaxnnnnnnn fig Witt/fig 3. {30%) In a elesed system, 1 male nf'ideal gas undergoes the fellnwing sequenee ef meehaniually reversible preeesses: (a) Frem an initial state at 7000 and 1 bar, it is eempressed adiabatieally tn HOT. (13) It is then sealed fi'em 150 te "EDT at eenstant pressure. (:0) Finally, it is expanded isethermally tn its eriginal state. Caleul ate wank, heat, interns;r energy change, and enthalpy change for each ef the three preeesses and fer the entire eyele. Take C...= (3:9)}? and (3,, = (SIEJR. R is gas eenstant. Hint: 1.233.12-5 = 1.539, 111 1.589 = 0.524 4. (20%) The aetivity eneffieients ()4 at a binary A-B equilibrium system ean he expressed as a funetien of species mule fiaetien (x). 111 3’s: 051% 111 :43: xi The reaper pressures efA and B at SOC‘C are 900 mmHg and 600 Mg, respeetiueiy. There is an azeetrepe when the system eperates at sate. Calculate (a) The azeetrepe pressure (rnnng) ‘3’ (10%) (b) The aseetrepe mele frantien eempesitien ‘? (10%) Hint: In 3 = 1.0930, In 2 = 0.6931, W” = 1.0045 ...
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ce-c1 - 131% 5 title‘djj‘fi 1.65%} Hetium enters a...

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