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Chapter 12 notes Race : A group with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group. Reality of race: all humans come in different colors and shapes. Myth of race: there are not pure races . What we call “races” are social classifications,  not biological categories. Race and ethnic refers to cultural characteristics that distinguish a people. Minority groups are people singled  out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. Although racial classifications may be based more on myths realities, that idea of race is a very real and powerful force in society, since people often act on their racial beliefs. Members of ethnic groups identify with one another on the basis of common ancestry  and cultural heritage, which may be expressed though distinctive foods, dress, language, music religion, and relationships. 1. They are not necessarily in the numerical minority. 2. A group becomes a minority though expansion of political boundaries by another group. 3. Shared characteristics of minorities worldwide. a. Membership is ascribed. b. The physical or cultural traits that distinguish them are held in low esteem by the dominant group. c. The are unequally treated by the dominant group. d. They tend to marry in their own group e. They tend to feel strong group solidarity. Sociologist Ashley Doane identified the four factors that heighten or reduce people’s sense of ethnic identity are the relative size and power of the ethnic group influence an individual’s sense of ethnic identity, it’s
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chapter_12 - Chapter 12 notes Race: A group with inherited...

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