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COMP5116 Internet Protocols Semester 2, 2010 Tutorial 5 Routing Concepts and Protocols: 1. Figure 13.4(a) (p242) of Comer (below) is an existing routing table for router K. Figure 13.4(b) is an incoming routing update message from router J. The marked entries will be used to update router K’s table. For each item updated in the table, give the reason why the router will perform the update.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Is it possible to address a datagram to a routers IP address? Does it make sense to do so? 3. The OSPF packet format has a checksum field, but the RIP packet does not. Why? 4. Find out the shortest distances from Melbourne to all other cities using Dijkstras algorithm? 5. Derive Melbournes routing table. 6. How does a BGP router detect a forwarding loop?...
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