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In what ways has learning about World Religions influenced the way you think about religion? I have a deeper respect for different religions and the smaller denomination of religions. I have learned that a religion can change the way a individual sees different issues and ways of life unlike the way someone with a different beliefs would. Why is it important to learn about other peoples' beliefs and attitudes? I have learned that it is important to learn and understand other individual’s beliefs and attitudes because you could hurt someone’s feelings. Also in the workforce it is important to learn this because of discrimination. How will you utilize this information in the future? I will utilize everything I have learned in my class because of the career path I have
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Unformatted text preview: chosen. I am working my way towards a degree in school counseling for troubled teens and there family’s. I think it will be important to understand my cases background and beliefs in order to help them. Also I believe it will help me in my everyday life experiences. Wisdom regarding the religions in the human race helps you to appreciate other individual’s way of life. Nearly every one of us considers there is superior power in this earth and believe that our specific religion is the right one. We also have to be respectful of other people’s religions regardless if you believe in it or not. This class has broadened my way of thinking and helped me comprehend more about different religions ....
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