Changing Perspective Psy 220 due day 7

Changing Perspective Psy 220 due day 7 - Changing...

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Changing Perspective Paper 1 Changing Perspective Psy 220 Brenda Mankins 05/30/2010
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Changing Perspective Paper 2 Changing Perspective Paper A woman and her husband, knowing that she is going to have a baby, made the decision to have an abortion. They thought about that for a long time, talked quite a bit about it, and concluded that this would be in the best interest for them. There were a few reasons that made them decide to take this path. First, they thought it would be financially best mostly because they were not ready and the baby would not have all of the attention it would deserve. However, they also thought about how it would affect their mental state. Of course, they did not think that this decision could cause any problems because it was a very personal decision, but unfortunately, they were very wrong. The woman was raised in Paris and the cultural beliefs are quite a bit different from those in the United States. So when they made this choice the woman’s family got upset. The woman did not understand what was truly going on and what was causing her family to become so distressed, so she asked them what was going on. They then explained that they did not know why she and her husband believed that it would be a good idea to have an abortion without giving them the chance to raise the baby themselves. They told her that they were not and that it is almost like cutting their heart away and that we, as his parents, did not have the right to make such an important decision and that this should be made by the entire family. The woman was very surprised and never thought that something like that could make her family so upset. She thought that she and her husband had all the right to make this decision and that it was completely up to them to make such a difficult one. She was truly convinced that their decision was well thought-out and that the reasoning behind it was sound. However, her family was very
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Changing Perspective Psy 220 due day 7 - Changing...

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