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Ckeck point due day 5 PSY 220 - My spontaneous decision was...

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E m p a t h y E x e r c i s e | 1 One situation in my life, which I have made an impulsive decision, is with my friend’s girlfriend. My primary impression of her was negative. I felt that she was controlling and scheming. My friend was always complaining about how he always had to know where she was and who she was with. I began to dislike her greatly. My friend always talked about her in a negative way, which aggravated me to create negative judgments about her additionally. Several months after I had met her, my friend confessed that he had been unfaithful to her in the very beginning of their relationship and she had found out about what happened. I automatically realized that possibly she had good cause to be so involved and worried about where he was or whom he was with. She had lost her trust in him due to him being disloyal, and I believe I would react the same way if I had been in her position.
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Unformatted text preview: My spontaneous decision was that she was controlling and a poor girlfriend. After learning about the circumstances, that she had to face. I felt more empathy for her and her relationship with my friend. I believe that she was in the wrong by abusing his trust. At this position, I would be willing to remove any previous judgments and re-evaluate her circumstances, and what drove her to become the way she is. As an alternative, of looking at her side. I am sorry that I only saw my friends’ side of the story. If I desire to get along with my friends girlfriend I will have to remove any earlier judgments that I may have made upon the negative things that I had heard about her. By putting myself in her situation, I was able to understand the reasons behind her actions, which will assist us to construct a welcoming connection rather than a negative relationship. E m p a t h y E x e r c i s e | 2...
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Ckeck point due day 5 PSY 220 - My spontaneous decision was...

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