psych - Victor Marotta Alcohol in emerging adulthood 7-year...

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Victor Marotta 118-00-8235 Alcohol in emerging adulthood: 7-year study of problem and dependent drinkers Addictive Behaviors Volume 33, Issue 1 , January 2008, Pages 134-14 Comsuming alcohol as a youngster, such as binge drinking, is a dangerous and grim public health concern, and something to consider is that there has been an increase in alcohol consumption among eighteen to twenty-four year olds in the last ten years. Drinking starts among young adults because of a variety of contributing factors, including genetic dispositions, ethnicity, family alcoholism, role transition such as marriage, health-related problems, suicide risk, and neurocognitive effects up to 8 years. The younger the adults the more likely to they are to improve. This experiment modeled both volume of alcohol and binge drinking and might give a different outlook on behavior. This studies goals were to describe the amount and time course of alcohol consumption and binge drinking in this sample of heavy drinking emerging adults, to also estimate and test a predictive model of consumption over 7 years, and lastly, compare that model of alcohol consumption to a parallel model
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psych - Victor Marotta Alcohol in emerging adulthood 7-year...

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