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Cover letter - ideas time and time again When you hire me...

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Dear Sir or Madam: One year in college and what have I learned? Plenty! Plenty that I can apply directly to the level position. I have 8+ years of retail and planogram skills and am looking for an opportunity to focus on planograms instead of having to call for the store Manager. The drive and focus to achieve: Your Company’s success depends upon the ability of your staff to grasp a problem, evaluate the best way to solve it, and then work until the solution is in hand. This is precisely the process I followed throughout my years of employment and my first year of school with a 3.54 grade-point average. Flexibility and creativity: A business gets stale when it continually recycles the same
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Unformatted text preview: ideas time and time again. When you hire me, you get someone who thinks for herself, and who is not afraid to suggest new ways to approach a task; as I would have liked to be allowed at my present place of employment. I’m looking for the guidance of an educating manager that lets me help them in any way I can. I am a fast learner of new ways to process tasks in a different retail environment. An interview would grant me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. Thank you in advance for considering me. Sincerely, Brenda L. Mankins Home: 302-226-9026...
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