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One digestive disorder is constipation. This disorder is a problem when the bowel movements are becoming difficult and not as often, because of little, firm and is problematical-to-pass. Various causes of constipation are low fiber diet, minimum consumption of fluids, holding back stools when in pressure, incomplete chewing of food. Some home remedies are drinking water regularly which is beneficial in cleansing the body another home remedy is eating cabbage. A half cup of cabbage juice taken twice a day cures constipation. These remedies are one of many to cure constipation. Another very common digestive problem is diarrhea. This is a state when the bowel actions grow to be exceptionally irritable. In turn this makes the digestive system work more rapidly than normal; the consequences that accompany this are repeated passing of unusually watery stools. Numerous causes of diarrhea are over eating, viral
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Unformatted text preview: and bacterial infections and food allergies. Some home remedies are starchy liquids such as barley water; coconut water and dill pickle juice are helpful in cleansing the body. Some of the home remedies do not sound very good to try but they will do the trick! Many of people of tried these remedies and swear these types of remedies are sometimes better than suggested treatment methods. I have personally tried some of these remedies and I feel some of the home remedies do work better than some other suggested treatment methods. But if the problem occurs more frequent and are more serious I would seek professional help. I have learned that if you eat a well balanced diet and exercise it is more likely to have a healthy digestive system. Natural Home Remedies for Constipation. www.natural-homeremedies.com (2010) http://www.webmd.com...
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