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LEARNING TEAM CHARTER Course Title RES/342 Research and Evaluation II All team members participated in the  creation of this charter and agree with  its contents    (Please check) Instructor Jeff Jung Course Dates 08/10/2010 – 09/13/2010 Team Members/Personal Information Name Phone Best Contact Times Email Robin Bailey 843-597-8718 Cell 843-718-0196 Home EST South Carolina [email protected] Yuri Bermudez 530-409-5238 [email protected] Cheryl Fowler NA Yahoo IM: joshuaorriz onte EST Anytime after 5:15 PM [email protected] Jessica Juds 618-267-7754 (c) 618-547-3251 (h) Mon - Fri 4pm-10pm Sat & Sun 8am-10pm (CST) [email protected] Carissa Magee 435-790-0291 (c) 435-789-8004 (h) [email protected] [email protected] Mary Spikes 707-816-6007 (c) 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. PDT seespikes[email protected] Jo A. Thiede 303-886-2977 (c) 303-621-9627 (h) MST anytime [email protected] [email protected] Team Member Skill Inventory (Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop) Jo: My strengths include organization, compiling information, creative and critical thinking. My works often include visuals. With regard to weaknesses, I will continue to strengthen my skills for working within a team. The jobs I have held have usually been without much supervision. I am not very good working with numbers; an area which needs improvement. 07/03
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Carissa: My strengths are in research, grammar, spelling, organization. I am more of a left-brained thinker so I tend to look at things with a more visually creative eye then from a mathematical perspective. I would consider this to be both a strength as well as a weakness. Yuri: My weaknesses are definitely introductions and conclusions (and statistics). I really had a hard time understanding part one of this course. My strengths are organizations, proofreading and working with PowerPoint. I enjoy doing anything creative. Mary : I am a versatile, committed, supportive team member and I remain willing to take initiative regarding assignments. Robin: I am an organized person who is dependable and willing to help when needed and take charge when needed. Jessica: I feel like APA format is a strength of mine. I am good at proofreading and editing assignments. What I mean by that is I am good at catching spelling and grammatical errors. My weaknesses include writing introductions and conclusions.
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