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checkpoint notivation - the company and using the...

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The motivation theory that Mary Ellen Sheets used in the Two Men in a Lot of Trucks case was the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory. She used this theory by first acting on her physiological need by continuing to invest her time in the company until she felt comfortable enough to pursue just the entrepreneurship of the business. The belonginesses part came when she franchised the company out to other investors. The esteem needs then came when the company was souring to 152 franchises. Once those parts of the theory were achieved she was at the self actualization need that came from having stakes in the company and created the training center to train the workers and movers to create consistency. In the case study of Siemens the new boss Klaus Kleinfield had the job of coming in to
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Unformatted text preview: the company and using the enrichment theory. He used this by encouraging employees to perform at higher levels by asking the employees to work more flexible hours and in turn job security. Klaus Kleinfield then gave the employees a more engaged manager that interacted and gave the employees the support they needed. The approach that Mary Ellen took was creating the training center to train the workers and movers to do there job consistently and more effective. The approach that Siemens took was working long hours and working hard to achieve success. He also worked to motivate his employees by valuing the employees and working to do everything they needed to succeed....
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