Developing Good Business Sense

Developing Good Business Sense - Developing Good Business...

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Developing Good Business Sense Robin Bailey Axia College University of Phoenix
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Companies and the way they operate can result in their results of success for a company. The main factor of how a company is successful is through the Operations and Materials Management procedures. This includes the managing of the production and flow of goods and services. Three companies that can be recognized for using their input, operations and output services to compete with competitors and success of the company are: Publix grocery stores, Sprint and Home Depot. Publix is known for their excellent customer service of their employees and the quality of their products. The inputs that are recognized of Publix are the superior customer service, process for pre-approval for suppliers to ensure quality products and the dignity, value and employment securities of employees (Publix, 2008). The operations part is having skilled quality suppliers and employees that provide innovative ways to ensure they are providing the customers with what they want and need. The outputs of the Publix can be explained as the standards they strive for of honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethics. One other area of the company’s outputs is the quality of the products the stores provide. Another company Sprint is known for customer services in stores and products. The company’s inputs are superior customer service, competitive products and using suppliers and call centers in other countries to cut down on cost. Being a customer of Sprint the company is always generating new products and new services to cut the cost down of the monthly fees for
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Developing Good Business Sense - Developing Good Business...

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