explanation of ethic code of conduct

explanation of ethic code of conduct - The ethical code of...

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The ethical code of conduct I chose is ensure my company will abide by laws and regulations and to ensure my company is successful and profitable. Integrity- All successful companies need have integrity to succeed and treat everyone with dignity. Employees should be treated fairly and as individuals with a voice. Excellent customer service is important in a successful business. Discrimination and Harassment- To have committed and dedicated employees it is important that discrimination is not accepted do that all employees feel safe at work and the company is not vulnerable to any lawsuits due to harassment. Discrimination is necessary to prevent any lawsuits and to treat all employees fairly. Accountability- It is important that employees are accountable for all actions taken working for the company Commitment- Commitment and dedication are important to a successful company so that the ethical code of conduct is adhered to. Safety and Health- Work condition need to clean and safe for safety of the employee and
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