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Java Net Internet Cafe Final - Java Net 1 Java Net Internet...

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Java Net 1 Java Net Internet Café Robin Bailey Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Java Net 2 Java Net Internet Café is a new and upcoming internet café coming to the downtown area in Eugene, Oregon. The internet café will be a different type of coffee house than the ordinary coffee houses, and will provide a more unique place for all people to enjoy coffee as well as use a computer for all there needs. The internet café will be more than just a place to bring laptops, use a wireless connection, and enjoy customer’s coffee in a comfortable surrounding. This café will allow someone who does not have access to a computer or knowledge of computers to use their services. The founder Cale Bruckner and three investors Luke Walsh, Doug Wilson and John Underwood will be investing in the internet café along with money from the Oregon Economic Development Fund and short-term loans. I think this investment and idea for the internet café would be an asset to anyone who enjoys the internet and coffee. The ideas of the internet café and offering the public what they are asking for are why this business will succeed. In this case, the public wants a method of communication, volumes of info available on the internet and at a cost that is affordable. One of the strengths in this business plan is that the internet café is giving the public what people are asking for as well as offering a variety of different services such
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