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Scrapbooking Store Business Plan - Scrapbooking Store...

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Scrapbooking Store Business Plan It's Scrappy! This business plan was created with Business Plan Pro software, the fastest way to prepare a complete business plan. With Business Plan Pro, you can open this plan (or any of the 500 others included in the product) and quickly customize it to match your business. Or you can use the software's step-by-step wizard to easily create a custom business plan from scratch. Learn more » Executive Summary 1.0 Executive Summary Storing pictures in a scrapbook--the idea has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, acid and wood by- products used in paper can damage photographs (ever noticed an older photograph that has yellowed and faded?). In recent years new technology in acid-free and lignin-free paper has revolutionized this method of preserving photographs and has made "scrap booking" even more popular as a hobby. Today's scrap books are creative, colorful, decorated with everything imaginable, and really tell a story. ..your story. It is an amazing way of preserving and displaying the precious memories that otherwise might fade away in that dusty box of photos under the bed. The rising interest in scrap books as a hobby can also bring frustration when supplies are not readily available. Local craft stores who don't specialize in the field may only carry limited inventory. Additionally, store clerks may not have the knowledge or experience to answer questions or explain the different techniques about scrap books. It's Scrappy! will focus on providing a wide variety of scrap books supplies at competitive prices. The goal of the owner and her employees will be to stay informed and up to date on the products, tools and techniques used in creating scrap books and to establish in their surrounding community as the one and only stop for scrapper's needs. Highlights
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1.1 Objectives Focus on customer satisfaction by stocking our store with items they cannot find anywhere in our area along with the items that they can. Tracking competitor prices along with our supplier's prices will allow us to keep our prices slightly lower than the competitors on most of our supplies and draw more customers to our store . Keeping on top of the newest trends and techniques in the scrap books world by attending classes and subscribing to magazines. 1.2 Mission The mission of It's Scrappy! is to to create a pleasant, fun environment to help our customers create scrap books that will solidify their photo memories and preserve them for lifetimes to come. 1.3 Keys to Success Supply Availability: Offering to the customer those supplies which they currently cannot obtain anywhere else locally will make It's Scrappy! the number one place to purchase or order all of their scrap books supplies. Prices:
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Scrapbooking Store Business Plan - Scrapbooking Store...

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