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Assignment Analyzing Credibility - The two video ads that I...

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The two video ads that I viewed were of Wendy’s and Pedigree. In the Wendy’s ad it was promoting that the beef they use is fresh and not frozen. The ad gave a promise using the statement that a promise is only as good if it is kept. I thought this showed a secondary opinion that was conveyed in the video. In the Pedigree ad “Smile” it showed that the dog food that they were promoting was dog food to help reduce tartar and to help with the dental hygiene of dogs. In this ad a secondary opinion that was conveyed was feeding your dog this dog food will keep your dog smiling. The Wendy’s ad in my opinion seems to be more credible because they are advertising a fact in saying that there meat is fresh and not frozen. In the Pedigree ad however choosing to feed your dog the dog food does not necessarily mean your dog will smile but might promote good dental hygiene. The ad is a reflection on society because we all
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