Checkpoint Argumetn validity - There is no way of...

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1. This answer would be probably true. The reason I think that it is not true beyond a reasonable doubt is because there is a possibility that a person on the street could have put that sign there. Now if the sign stated that it was out of order and was from the City of ________, then I would say it was true beyond a reasonable doubt. 2. This would possibly be true or false. No one can estimate the actual amount of rainfall and be exact. It is impossible to predict Mother Nature. Maybe the town will go through a drought; maybe they will have an unexpected amount of rain next year. 3. Possibly true or possibly false. It is always possible, but you can’t determine exactly how many miles to the gallon the monster will get. Will he be traveling on the highway, in the city, with the air on, at high speeds? None of this is given in the example. 4. Possibly true, possibly false. You can’t pre-determine the results without having more information or until the election happen.
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Unformatted text preview: There is no way of determining this. 5. Probably true. It is possible that if these entrees are exceptionally good then the rest of the restaurant entrees are good, but there is no way of knowing this for sure without more information. 6. Probably true- If the trend is that they have increased then it will probably happen, but there is no way of knowing for sure. 7. Possibly true, possibly false. It could possibly be true or it could also be that the schools attract highly intelligent students. 8. Possibly true, possibly false. It is possibly true, but in this example there is no facts that support this. 9. Possibly true. If the fact is that hw bled profusely then the outcome that is given is probably true. 10. True beyond a reasonable doubt- this example shows facts. 11. Probably true. The facts show his previous behavior, so there has to be a reason he had not delivered the paper. 12. True beyond a reasonable doubt. Facts prove this to be true....
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Checkpoint Argumetn validity - There is no way of...

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