Checkpoint Part 1 week 3 CRT 205

Checkpoint Part 1 week 3 CRT 205 - current employer I do...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon “Rising satisfaction with banking online” is the article I chose to read. I found this article on the local news channel website in Charleston, South Carolina. In this article the author gives facts about a survey that online banking scored above average, and how customers are more than satisfied with the service. In my opinion I agree with the claim, and I like to use the online banking service. I think it is very useful to use when tracking charges and transferring funds to accounts. I have had some knowledge of online banking web sites within the banking industry during my work experience with my
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Unformatted text preview: current employer. I do think that in today’s age it is necessary to stay above cutting edge technology to be competitive with other financial institutes. The author that wrote this obtained all the information on the topic from a Forsee’s survey that scores the financial industry on customer service related issues. I think that the author was unbiased and trustworthy by stating facts on the topic. I think since this article came from a local news website it is a credible website and uses facts to back up the story lines....
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