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Hi classmate, JFK’s assignation is always a good topic to choose. Because of your beginning statement it is unclear of what article you read and what the claim was that was stated in the article. An idea to help you out is to start your beginning sentence with the name of the article, and what the article stated. Another thing that you can consider when writing is to always check your grammar and spelling as well as the definitions of words. When using affects and effects make sure you are using the correct form of the word. It is easy to sometimes get them mixed up so make sure you check with references or dictionaries to help you out. I also think that it is important when stating what your analysis of the article is to make sure you are clear, and explain the ways your personal observation and background information agree or conflict with the article. I also agree with you when you stated there are proven facts about the author, next time though you may want to consider writing in detail what facts were used to bring your conclusion that this article
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