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Capital punishment is necessary to remove the worst individuals from society and to punish them for their crimes. Capital punishment is a very controversial topic and some people believe it is cruel and unusual punishment. Some people believe the statement “an eye for an eye” is appropriate for execution of criminals. Types of execution involved in capitol punishment include electrocution, lethal injection, lethal gas, hanging and firing squad. (DeathPenaltyinfo.org, 2008) Today, in the United States, 36 states use the death penalty while 14 states do not use the death penalty. (DeathPenaltyinfo.org, 2008) Even though there are several types of execution styles 35 of the 36 states use lethal injection as the type of execution. (DeathPenaltyinfo.org, 2008) Using capital punishment in some cases can give the victims family a sense of closure and peace of mind knowing that their family members attacker is no longer part of the society. I think
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wk 1 Capital Punishment - 1320fd60718150a70...

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