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wk 1 Checkpoint Taking a position - associate fairly and...

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They key issue in the comic strip is what the other co-worker is doing that she believes is morally wrong and what Anita should do with the information. I think that Anita does suspend judgment before taking a position by stating that it is risky. Anita forms an immediate position on the issue based upon her moral value judgment, with the fact that it is bothering her. The issue bothers Anita because even though she likes the coworker she knows it is wrong and makes a decision to solve the problem. The next day Anita decided to take action on the issue because of the position she has taken on the issue. Anita does this by calling the human resource department to report the issue. As a manager for my company I am in a position that it is important to treat each
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Unformatted text preview: associate fairly and deal with human resource issues. One of my associates made a comment that was perceived as racism comment to other employees and was brought to my attention. I immediately took the position of the comment that was wrong and my company has a zero tolerance on racism. The position I took on this issue was due to my moral value judgment. I then decided to solve the problem and made the decision to report the associate’s actions to the human resource manager and action was then taken to terminate the associate. I made this decision because it was important to take a stand on this issue and to solve the problem so that other associates did not assume that using racism was appropriate in the work place....
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