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The advice that I would give someone who would be starting this class is to concentrate on the detail of each topic that is discussed during this class. Having an understanding of all the topics discussed in this class will allow for a student to effectively complete all the assignments. I would suggest gaining an understanding of rhetorical devices, fallacies and misused words. I think that it is important to structure sentences effectively and to also steer away from using such sentences that contain rhetorical devices or fallacies. I think when taking this class that it is important to budget time wisely to find enough time to obtain the information needed to produce an effective final essay. If just starting this class the first thing that I would do differently is to pay closer attention
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Unformatted text preview: to detail on each assignment and spend more time being able to identify rhetorical devices and fallacies. I think that it is important not only to be able to understand how to use each one of the rhetorical devices, but to identify them when placed in writings. I also think that I would spend more time focusing on research for my topic or even have chosen a different topic. I would have done more research, so that I could have found more information to support my arguments on the topic. I think that there is nothing in this class that I would have spent less time on because every aspect of this class was informative and will help me become a better writer for years to come....
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