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CWE feedback - feedback The peer reviewer including...

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The feedback that I have received from CWE was mistakes in grammar. These mistakes included such mistakes as: run-on sentences, using the word form of that, noun-pronoun agreements, eliminating words that are redundant and contradictions. The CWE has helped me clarify and structure my paper. I like having this feature to ensure that I am not making errors in my sentences. The feedback that I have received from the instructor and peer reviewer will allow me to make some changes in my essay that will allow my essay to be persuasive with evidence to support my advantages in having an open adoption. The instructor has given me feedback that I need to include evidence for my advantages, more detail in my introduction to support and clearly define my thesis and responding to the opposing view with evidence about my counterarguments. The feedback that I received from the peer reviewer compared to my instructors
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Unformatted text preview: feedback. The peer reviewer including feedback suggesting that I needed to include real life examples about the views from a child’s perspective. The feedback that I have received will allow my paper, to be persuasive and I think that I will incorporate all the feedback that I have received. I think it is important to support the advantages with evidence as well as address counterarguments and why you’re the side of topic that the writer supports is the best solution and in my case in the best interest of the child. In conclusion I think that this feedback will be what my paper needs to be persuasive. I also think that this feedback will provide my writing the ability to convince the reader that an adoption is about the child and an open adoption is what is in the best interest of the child....
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