Assignment characteirstics of expository essays

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The two essays that I read were the Cochlear Implants and A Soul as Free as Air. The characteristics that made these essays an expository essay are in there structures. I think the characteristics of the Cochlear Implants essay was the division of the essay. The reason for that is the structure of separating the elements of the topic, and examining the relationships between her and the cochlear implants. In A Soul as Free as Air the structure of that of a character study gave a timeline and her accomplishments during Lucy Stone’s life. The organization that both authors used in these essays is drastically different. The Cochlear Implants essay was organized by the topic. This essay was organized about the cochlear implants and in a logical fashion throughout the essay. I think the author chose this type of organization to explain what cochlear implants were and to explain the characteristics in a logical fashion for the reader. The A Soul as Free as Air was organized in a time order. The essay gave a timeline of Lucy Stone’s life and
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