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The writing process in this class differs drastically from any process that I have tried to use in the past. In the past I would complete my research and start writing down facts, and information about my topic, kind of like the brainstorming step in the writing process. Once I would have completed my research I would then start to write my essay, then at that point I revise my essay once or twice and turn the finished product in for a grade. I have learned from the last class that I took that it is important to follow this procedure to ensure that the final draft makes sense and has the proper flow. Since I have read and learned about the writing process with Axia College I am excited to use it to strengthen my skills as a writer. I do believe that most of the steps of the
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Unformatted text preview: writing process are easy, but the easiest step for me is the prewriting step, in which I will usually use the technique of brainstorming my ideas. I like to gather information on topics, but once I have completed this process and begin the drafting process I find it difficult to create a thesis statement. The way I believe that I can overcome that obstacle is by using the brainstorming techniques to help create the thesis statement and to use the resources that are at my finger tips to assist me in becoming a more effective writer. In conclusion I believe that this writing style will teach someone to write effectively, and helps someone gather information on a topic and construct an effective essay....
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