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CE-8 Lab 3: Introduction to PBASIC Lab Objectives By the end of this lab you should be able to: 1. know what is a PBASIC stamp editor, and how to download programs to your scribbler robot , 2. identify the different conditional operators and how to use them properly in the context of a program, 3. identify what a variable is and how to Declare and Use one in a program, and 4. create a program that properly use DO….LOOP command as well as use IF, THEN, ELSE commands to direct the behavior of your robot. Finally, you are in control of your robot. This lab is relatively short if you get the idea. Writing a Program To be able to program your scribbler, you should be able to type in a set of instructions (program) that will then be downloaded to you scribbler robot. The set of instructions should be typed in what is called main edit pane. The programs are written in a language called PBASIC. This language is then translated by the means of the BASIC stamp editor in a string of zeros and ones that could be understood by the computer. To be able to open the main edit pane and start typing a program, follow the following steps: 1. Double click the PBASIC stamp editor icon on your desktop. 2. Select file from the pull down menu, them open new file, or follow a short cut mentioned by you TA. 3. Type your program as will be explained in class and don’t forget to save your program. In every PBASIC program you should include the following: 1. What model of BASIC Stamp microcontroller you are programming (we use BASIC stamp 2 “BS2”), so click BS2 icon.
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CE8_lab3 - CE-8 Lab 3: Introduction to PBASIC Lab...

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