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Sheet1 Page 1 UCSC Spring 2010 CMPE13L Lab7 - my_printf() ************************************************************** Name: login@ucsc Grading Criteria Basic specifications: Did you. ..? ___ (5 pts) Breaks down the format string ___ (5 pts) Deals with the '\' character and prints out ", ', \, and ? ___ (3 pts) Support printing a string with %s ___ (3 pts) Support printing an int in decimal with %d (signed and unsigned) ___ (3 pts) Support printing an int in binary with %b ___ (3 pts) Support printing an int in hex with %x
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Unformatted text preview: ___ (2 pts) Support printing a character with %c ___ (3 pts) Create and submit a test file and a makefile ___ (3 pts) have a good README (with formatted paragraphs/headings?) [See comments for any missing part above.] Your Lab7 Score: ___ points out of 30 Comments: Date Graded: By Lab Tutor/TA: TA/Tutor email: Lab7 Grading Template created by Cyrus Bazeghi 05/09/10 ************************************************************...
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