grd_template_lab9 - Extra Credit: Up to 25 points There are...

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Sheet1 Page 1 UCSC Spring 2010 CMPE13L Lab9 - Solitaire ************************************************************** Name: login@ucsc Grading Criteria Basic specifications: Did you. ..? ___ (10 pts) Create a card deck and shuffle it - should have a print card deck function for testing/grading ___ (10 pts) Create and display a game board using linked lists, it is suggested that you use an array of card pointers for the various stacks ___ (10 pts) Flip cards over from the "Deck" to the "Waste" ___ (10 pts) Allow cards rom the "Waste" to be moved to a "Card Stack" or "Suit Stack" ___ (10 pts) Allow cards to be moved from one "Card Stack" to another "Card Stack" correctly ___ (10 pts) Allow a card to moved from a "Card Stack" to a "Suit Stack" You can lock the order of suit stack if you like ie always hearts, then spades, then dimonds, then clubs, or whatever ___ (5 pts) Answer all the Lab #9 questions ___ (10 pts) have a good README (with formatted paragraphs/headings?)
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Unformatted text preview: Extra Credit: Up to 25 points There are a few ways to get extra credit for the final lab, if you think of anything else then talk to the Professor or TA about them. Here are some examples of possible points you could get, there can be some combination of these of course, and more or less depending on the complexity of what you do. ___ (10 pts) Graphics or color by using VT100 codes or some other method ___ (5 pts) Ending win event, should have a way to cause this to happen at any point for testing ___ (5 pts) Score system, either do some sort of time based or number of cards put to the "suit stacks" ___ (5 pts) Originality of interface [See comments for any missing part above.] Your Lab9 Score: ___ points out of 75 Comments: Sheet1 Page 2 Date Graded: By Lab Tutor/TA: TA/Tutor email: Lab9 Grading Template created by Cyrus Bazeghi 05/20/10 ************************************************************...
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grd_template_lab9 - Extra Credit: Up to 25 points There are...

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