Notes Set 3 - 1 The Dubliners Story set about 1906 at the...

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The Dubliners Story set about 1906 at the turn of the century which at the time was still ruled by Brits Monuments o The pillar – homage to Horatio Nelson (colonizers) o Daniel O’Connell – Irish hero 18 th century it was an elegant city then because of poverty it declined considerably o Was one of first cities to be fully electric o Was a modern city in some ways although it was backwards politically and socially due to colonization House the party took place in is an actual house where James Joyce aunts lived. It is now a national monument (we saw picture of the it in class) Gabriel Conroy - The protagonist from “The Dead.” A university-educated teacher and writer, Gabriel struggles with simple social situations and conversations, and straightforward questions catch him off guard. He feels out of place due to his highbrow literary endeavors. His aunts, Julia and Kate Morkan, turn to him to perform the traditionally male activities of carving the goose and delivering a speech at their annual celebration. Gabriel represents a force of control in the story, but his wife Gretta’s fond and sad recollections of a former devoted lover make him realize he has little grasp on his life and that his marriage lacks true love. Gretta Conroy - Gabriel’s wife in “The Dead.” Gretta plays a relatively minor role for most of the story, until the conclusion where she is the focus of Gabriel’s thoughts and actions. She appears mournful and distant when a special song is sung at the party, and she later plunges into despair when she tells Gabriel the story of her childhood love, Michael Furey. Her pure intentions and loyalty to this boy unnerve Gabriel and generate his despairing thoughts about life and death. Kate Morkan - One of the aging sisters who throw an annual dance party in “The Dead.” Kate is vivacious but constantly worries about her sister, Julia, and the happiness of the guests. Julia Morkan - One of the aging sisters who throw an annual dance party in “The Dead.” Julia has a grey and sullen appearance that combines with her remote, wandering behavior to make her a figure sapped of life. Mary Jane Morkan - Niece of Kate and Julia Morkan. Lily - Maid, insulted by Gabriel Conroy when he asks about her love life. Molly Ivors - Colleague of Gabriel's, very patriotic about Ireland. teases Gabriel during a dance Mr. Browne - Only Protestant guest at the party. Freddy Malins - A drunk and friend of Gabriel. Bartell D'Arcy - A famous tenor. Michael Furey - Although this character is only alluded to by Gretta as a boy from her youth, he is nonetheless vital to the climactic epiphany of the work. He is dead when the story takes place. Archangel Michael
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Notes Set 3 - 1 The Dubliners Story set about 1906 at the...

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