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Notes Test 2 - 1 Victorian Era 1830 1901 Ends when Queen...

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Victorian Era 1830 – 1901 Ends when Queen Victoria dies in 1901 Most romantic writers die by 1830 Before 1917 the British royal family bore the German name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Since August 1914 Britain had been at war with Germany. Anything German had a bad connotation, and Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm was a cousin of the British king. So on July 17, 1917, to prove his loyalty to England, Queen Victoria's grandson King George V officially declared that "all descendents in the male line of Queen Victoria shall bear the name Windsor." Imperialism: policy of extending a nation’s authority be acquiring territory or by dominating their politics and economy. o 25% of the world is dominated by them o England is the one remaining superpower Our world comes straight from the Victorian England influence o All our problems are the same as theirs – we are the Victorians Expansion of technology Material progress: fierce debate regarding if prosperity and material wealth was progress Non material values were fading away The role of women Role of the family The woman question: how to treat women – period of greatest change for the status of women o Should women be allowed to do more? o By end of century women were allowed to enter college and most professions Religion Crisis of faith: was Christianity still a viable means of defining reality? Many scientific discoveries Evangelical fundamentalists were called dissenters because they dissented against the church of England and promoted a literal interpretation of the bible Obsession with death You can see it in Abe Lincoln’s funeral By 1860’s all men except agricultural workers had the right to vote 1860-1900 literacy rate went from 40% to 90% (marriage certificates) Obsessed with being gentile, decorous amounted to prudery Queen Victoria Head of the Church of England and Empress of India o Her reign lasted 63 years o Fell in love with and married her German cousin Prince Albert o Had 9 children 1
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Themes of Victorian Era British are concerned with Technology – (Industrialization) Industrial Revolution was at its height o a period of social, economic and technological change. o Population doubled creating a demand for housing, food and clothing. o Irish potato famine created a flood of new immigrants Unemployment – human cost Downsizing Increase in productivity Alienation – human cost Urbanization Fair market economy o No labor laws 12 hrs x 6 days o Strikes – upheaval Industrial Revolution expanded the middle class The Irish Question - whether or not the Irish should be allowed to rule themselves. o increased Irish autonomy was not widely supported, and Irish extremists began a campaign of terrorism, the fruits of which are still with us today.
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Notes Test 2 - 1 Victorian Era 1830 1901 Ends when Queen...

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