Comm 1310 Notes Chapters 7-10

Comm 1310 Notes Chapters 7-10 - Chapter 7 Interpersonal...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Interpersonal Communication between 2 people o Quality o Mutual Influence o Helps manage relationships o Initiating Relationships Relationships of Circumstance o Relationship that forms situationally because one life overlaps with another Relationship of Choice o Relationship intentionally developed Attraction o Motivational state that causes someone to think feel and behave in a positive manner towards another person Interpersonal Attraction o Degree to which one desires to form or maintain an interpersonal relationship with another person. Short-term initial attraction o Degree of potential for developing an interpersonal relationship with someone. Long-term maintenance attraction o Level of liking or positive feeling that motivates one to maintain or escalate a relationship Interpersonal attraction o similarity o Physical and sexual attraction Matching hypothesis Likelihood of being attracted to people who are physically close rather than to those who are farther away. o Proximity (people who are close vs people who are far) o Complementarity Degree to which another persons different abilities, interests and needs balance or round out ones own Inclusion Need to include others in our activities or to be included in theirs Control Need to make decisions and take responsibility or the level of willingness to accept others decision making Affection Need to be loved and affected by others or the willingness to give love and acceptance to others. 1 Communicating our attraction o Immediacy Nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, forward lean, touch and open body orientation, that communicate feelings of liking, pleasure, and closeness. o Reducing Uncertainly Uncertainly-reduction theory A driving human motivation to increase predictability by reducing the unknown in ones circumstances. Passive strategy o Noncommunicative strategy for reducing uncertainty by observing others and situations Active strategy o Communicative strategy for reducing uncertainty by getting information from a third party . Interactive Strategy o Strategy of communicating directly with the source who has the greatest potential to reduce ones uncertainty. o Avoiding Self Absorption Conversational narcissism Communication style emerging from the view that one is the center of the universe Self-absorbed communicator style A dominating communication style in which one focuses attention on oneself. o Maintaining Relationships Self disclosure Voluntarily providing information to others that they would not learn if one did not tell them Reciprocity Sharing information about oneself with another person with the expectation that the other person will share information that is similar in risk or depth Appropriateness An aspect of self-disclosure related to the propriety of revealing certain information to another person o Two models of self disclosure Social penetration model 2...
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Comm 1310 Notes Chapters 7-10 - Chapter 7 Interpersonal...

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