LAB11 v2 - LAB 11 NOTE: These labs are known for high...

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LAB 11 NOTE: These labs are known for high failure rates. Therefore, if I show an example using data, a graph, etc… yours may be totally different depending upon mine and yours success with the lab. So don’t freak if your data is completely different from mine. And therefore the analysis of results sometimes may need to be answered differently since you base your analysis off your data and not mine. DISCLAMIER: DO NOT CHEAT! Introduction: Ethology is the study of animal behavior. An animal’s behavior is its response to sensory input. There are three types of behaviors: orientation, agonistic, and mating. Orientation behaviors take the animal to its most favorable environment. Taxis is when an animal moves toward or away from a stimulus. Taxis is often characterized by light, heat, moisture, sound, or chemicals. Kinesis is another type of movement that involves orientation. Kinesis is a movement that is random and doesn’t involve a stimulus. So an animal would respond to light by moving everywhere in random directions. Agonistic behavior is when animals respond to each other in aggressive or submissive movements. Like the hair on dogs backs when they get ready to fight. Another excellent example is the Betta fish, which is sometimes studied in labs. Mating behaviors are activities that involve finding, courting, and mating with a member of the same species. An example would be a peacock fluffing up its feathers to attract females. Hypothesis:
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LAB11 v2 - LAB 11 NOTE: These labs are known for high...

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