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Language Development Lecture Outline

Language Development Lecture Outline - Language Development...

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Language Development Lecture Outline Theories Learning Theories Speech can be conditioned, reinforced, imitated Parents reinforce their baby’s sounds that most sound like words. Imitation - Criticisms: Mothers tend to reinforce statements based on meaning (not grammar) Doesn’t account for children acquiring language at the same time & the same types of grammatical rules in the same order Biological (Behavior Ecology) Theories Noam Chomsky LAD (Language Acquisition Device) LAD contains a set of rules common to all languages Children all over the world tend to master language milestones in a similar manner Humans are uniquely prepared for language. The Interactionist Perspective Theories Language achievements interactions of inner capacities and environmental influences. Native capacity, strong desire to interact with others, and a rich linguistic and social environment contribute to building a child’s language capacities.
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