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A segment we should not concentrate on contains the leisure travelers who are very cost conscious. These travelers try to get the cheapest deal possible and do not care much about the facilities an airline offers. All the benefits VAA offers to its customers does cost them and if they want to maintain their level of service and benefits, it would cost them a lot to get these customers and they may not be able to keep them as well. The other segment is the business travelers who would travel to lot of destinations around the world. If VAA wants to get into this segment, they will have to increase their fleet to
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Unformatted text preview: lot more destinations. All of these destinations already have major competitors and increasing the fleet to all destinations will make it a big challenge to maintain the same level of service and still be competitive in the price it offers. The other segment that would not be too attractive is the segment of non frequent business travelers. These are the kind of travelers who would not bring continuous revenue and trying to get these customers would only be useful one time and they may not travel for a while again....
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