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Essay Assignments for ECOS 3011: Public Finance 2010 Students should select one essay. The main text should be about 1500 words. References and annexes may add to the length. The essays will be assessed out of 30 marks. Assignments should be submitted electronically via Blackboard on or before 5 October, 2010. A penalty loss of 3 marks per day will apply to late submissions. No submissions will be accepted after 11 October. Starting references can be found in the course text and references in the course outline. 1 What are the main factors that drive general government expenditure? Using data where possible show how these factors explain differences in general government expenditure in Australia and a small number, say 3 or 4, of other countries. 2 Economists generally recommend that major public expenditures or new policies should be evaluated using cost-benefit analysis (CBA). Explain how CBA may be applied to any one of the following issues: major new rail infrastructure, investment in water supply
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