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E3 Assign Sheet - Essay3: TextualAnalysis(30...

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Essay 3: Personal Literacy Narrative + Textual Analysis (30%) ENGL 101/07, Sections 134/4, Gillio, Fall 2008 Assignment Goals Analysis – use rhetorical tools to build a claim and provide evidence regarding values of belonging  and being different from a group. Narration—vivid details show rather than tell readers about your experience with difference. Thesis Statement—write a  D ebatable,  M anageable, and  V ivid statement of purpose that establishes  how you will critically analyze the values that a group uses to decide who belongs and who is  different. Process Writing— Use revision to move drafts beyond just descriptive essay and into the analytical essay that is required . Text matches: Dancing at the Blood Festival; The Way of Suffering; To Hamadan;  Witnessing Ashura.  The Task Essay 3 combines the analytical skills we practiced in the first essay with the narrative skills we developed in the second essay. You will use a textual analysis to support claims you make within a narrative. Start by describing and analyzing an encounter you had with difference when
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E3 Assign Sheet - Essay3: TextualAnalysis(30...

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