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The pantheon :Most innovative ancient roman temple; built during the reign of Hadrian; dedicated to five planetary gods; two parts a traditional rectangular portico, supported by massive granite Corinthian columns and a huge concrete rotunda, faced on the exterior with brick; resemble a Greek temple but interior space was a roman conception; combination resolves the tension between native tradition with Greek culture; The entire stands on a podium with steps leading to the portico entrance; Originally approached through a colonnaded forecourt now destroyed; dome illuminated from the open oculus in the center; dome and drum in perfect proportion, R drum M ; marble floor has pattern of circles and squares and wall have niches with Corinthian columns supporting alternating triangular and rounded pediments; a recess-two huge columns flanked by two corner pilasters; a circular entablature-a base of second story-in turn bears the whole weight of the dome channeled down to eight piers; dome has five blue coffered bands reducing the weight and creating an optical illusion of greater height; each a gold rosette in the middle enhancing the dome’s sky role or heaven; the oculus cast a circle of light; circle remind people the equation between sun and eye of Jupiter, celestial deity or rome; apses containing statues of
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