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flash card for final - Exterior St.Peters/1656/Gianlorenzo...

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Exterior St.Peter’s/1656/Gianlorenzo Bernini/Baroque/Italy/impressive approach to the church and definition of Piazza San Pietro. Calling of Saint Matthew/1599-1600/Caravaggio/Baroque/Italy/a good example of Caravaggio’s innovative approach to Christian subjects. Las Meninas/1656/Diego Velazquez/Baroque/Spain/not only a tribute to the artist’s genius as a painter, but is also about the very art of painting, elevating status of painting and artist The Swing/1766/Jean-Honore Fragonard/Rococo/enlivened with frilly patterns like lacy ruffles in the dress, illuminated leaves, twisting branches, and scalloped edges of fluffy clouds Raft of the Medusa/1819/Theodore Gericault/Romantic/France/social justice and the development of Romantic painting especially in France Impression:Sunrise/1872/Claude Monet/impressionism/the origin of impressionism The starry night/1889/Vencent Van Gogh/post impressionism/his genius for intense, expressive color, his powerful imagery, and his strong sense of line. Woman with the Hat/1905/Henri Matisse/Fauvism/France/A construction in color-a concept that Matisse had learned from
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