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Physics 141 (Spring 2009): Problem Set #3 (due 20 February 2009) Chapter 3 : Questions: 1, (3), 6, (8), 9, (10), 11, (13), (15), 17. Problems: 24, 25, (26), (28), (33), 34, (45), 47, 48, (51), (53), 56, 58, 59, (60), (72), 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, 82, (83), 86, 88, 89, (90), (93). This problem set is an important one, covering a number of critical topics. Also, some of these problems are quite challenging and will require some thought. As a result, I’m giving you more than a week to complete it. Don’t wait until the last minute! Start early, do a portion each day, and give yourself time to think through each problem. Eventually you want to develop not only good technique but also speed. Think about what is similar about these problems, and what is diFerent. Try to focus on the common themes and how they are re±ected in each diFerent problem.
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Unformatted text preview: Eventually, you will realize that there are really only very few diFerent problems in each chapter. What changes is the story or the picture that accompanies each one. Try to get into the habit of looking past the story to see the fundamental situation ( e.g. , a projectile problem versus a relative-motion problem) and then apply the same set of techniques to solve them. This will get faster and easier with practice, which is why I have also indicated additional problems (in parentheses) that you might use for practice as well. Technique and practice. It’s like a sport. You are developing a skill, in this case an analytical one, and need to take this very seriously. Don’t let yourself fall behind! If you are having trouble, get help now. Helpful resources are listed on the syllabus....
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