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Physics 141 (Spring 2009): Problem Set #4 (due 27 February 2009) Chapter 4 : Questions: (1), 2, (6), 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, (27), 29, 32, 33, (34), 35, (36), (40). Problems: (27), (28), 29, (30), (34), 36, (39), (40), 41, 43, 44, (45), 47, 48, 49, (51), 53, 54, (56), (57), (59), (60), (61), 62. Warning! Take stock! How are things going? Do not allow yourself to fall behind! Exam #1 will take place in class, during our regular lecture period, on Friday, March 6 . It will be a closed-book exam (no textbook or notes of any kind will be permitted), but I will provide a formula sheet containing some of the main results we have seen thus far. This formula sheet will appear very soon on D2L so that you can see it ahead of time (look in the Contents section under “PUFFY”), although a separate identical copy will be provided as part of the exam itself. For further information concerning exam procedures and policies, check the course syllabus . Note, in particular, that there will be
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Unformatted text preview: no special arrangements for any students taking this exam (except for documented DRC students); consequently, if you must miss this exam for any reason whatsoever, this can be the exam you drop, and I do not need to know about this in advance. The exam will cover all of the material up to and including material on this problem set. If additional material is to be included, I will tell you this in advance. The style will be to solve a number of problems are similar to the problems you have been doing on the homework. As always, the best studying method will be to solve lots of problems in order to develop good techniques and speed. Please remember to bring your student ID to the exam. Students without photo ID will not be admitted to the exam. Because of the exam, solutions to this problem set will be available by Wednesday, March 4 (if not sooner). Please check D2L to see when they are posted....
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