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scan0005 - Biology 19.11 www_n_mmwrh ”mm Midterm HI Fail...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 19.11; www__n__mmwrh_ _*, ”mm Midterm HI / Fail 20135 Naifle;"‘"”‘""’ Nye—“mum“--_.—««~ WW": ___ en-e mum fz/q I L \ KW .u. .4 . .35“:sz re... LI. L‘L’. =—L1U1=—LX— =HI‘UU3S Li‘: Uli: "1) The presence of altruistic behavior is most likely due to kin selection, a theory maintaining that Mompam‘onsifip is advantageeus to arfimais because ix; the future ihey can heip each other, iike mixer traits, {'“eugh Harms}. ,Bé’éfificei thinking aiafci‘cies are 110113er hits for fiximais amt} they have a: selectien. C3 fla‘mfai seieciiefi hasm ihe eve‘iuiioe of men-v; eraieei «fie L a: l figfifigifife Ejehggier's =6 resolve conflict without grave harm to participants @enes enhance survival of copies of mmselves by @egfinggggaflismgmiessishetherswho share those genes; E) aggression between sexes promotes the swedval of the fittest mdixriduals. 2' ‘ ' -“’r 1 me feiieem 1g? A); deaf;- Wa‘tei‘ing of the rests 1 fer .3. . g ) inning bar pim‘ang E} Eeeéifig the gies'is‘ :‘zutrieflts 3) E‘troduced species can have deleterious effects on biological cemmmiies by A) preyiflg on native species. B) competing with native species for space or hreedingfnesting habitat. C} competing with netive “pec‘es for food or fight 3‘: £33356in native sgjeci’si e. > 7 v a E! F -*—s-_.3_ E \. ' I) ’3, u, M, my»: l_/ ’ E 4) In some ang'osperms, other floral parts contribute to what is comoniy tailed the fruit Which of the following fruits is derived mosfly from an enlarged. receptacle? ‘ _. ’1 g amaze. \. == . '42-??— \ ~— 5325' Ax 2,. 21.322333}? .- .— —— 5) Pores on the leaf surf—see that funciien in gas exchange are called .tomata. B) sclereids. C) hairs. D) xylem cells. E) pifioem cefls. ‘ne me the Esaierflfindflcting cease efxs iem. "lave E‘fidfi we 13. e361 eye dead at fun-"tic“ @ tracheids and vessel eiements , perenchyme ceEs C} coflenchyma ceBs ‘1 7) Which structure is cesarean to both gynmospezms and angiosperms? A) carpei B) anthers C) ovary @ovule _ _ E} stigma ...
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