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scan0011 - 7 Which of these is not considered an amniote A...

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Unformatted text preview: 7) Which of these is not considered an amniote? A) nonbird reptiles B) birds C) placental mammals egg—laymg mammals mphihians 8) To increase the effeeiivenessoiexchangemrfaces in the lungs and in the intestines, evolutionary pressures have A) increased the number of cell layers. B) decreaseri the metabolic rate of the cells in these linings. C) increased the thickness of these linings. increased the surface area available for exchange. ) increased the volume of the cells in these linings. 9) After ingestion, the first type of macromolecule to he worked on by enzymes in the human B) glucose. C) protein. D) cholesterol E) nucleic acid. 10) Why are £31113 able to survive on a iet consistin almost entirel of lant ' l? A) They are autotrophic. LBTCattle saliva has enzymes capable of digesting cellulose. C) They manufacture all 15 amino acids out of sugars in the liver. Cattle, like the rabbit, reingest their feces. y have cellulose-digesting, symbiotic microorganisms in chambers of their stomachs. 11) Which of the following hormone actions will occur when morennerggciSqulfiIed by a human? Blood glucagon increases. ) ‘lhyroid hormone is increased. C) Both insulin and glucagon decrease. D) Both insulin and glucagon 'mcrease. ’ '13) Blood insulin increases. 12) Which of the tollowing are the only vertebrates in winch blood flows directly fiwcsyfitory esgaes—tolaodgtissues without first rewriting to the heart? A) amphibians @ fishes C) reptiles D) birds E) mammals 13) Air mites into the lungs of humans during inhalation because A) pulmonary muscles contract and pull on the outer surface of the lungs. ,BTa positive respiratory pressure is created when the diaphragm relaxes. C) pressure in the alveoli' mereases. fifths: rib muscles and diaphragm contract increasing the lung volume : . s flows from a region of lower pressure to a region of higher pressure. H‘hl" "to lo a) A—2 7M5__ 8) D ML ...
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