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scan0014 - 28 Saltatory conduction is a term applied to...

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Unformatted text preview: 28) Saltatory conduction is a term applied to conduction of impulses @rapid motrement of an action potential W along a neuron. ,~ cross electrical synapses ‘ C jinnping from one node of Ranvier to the next in a myelinated neuron. D} an action potential that ships the axon hilloclc in moving from the dendritic region to the axon terminal %} jumping from one neuron to an adjacent neuron 29} The ray— finned fishes are characterized by teeth that are replaced regularly. @ a cartilagmous endoskeleton. 7, C) a lateral line system and ears with three semicircular canals. * [\a bony endoskeleton, operculum, and usually a swim bladder. flan amniotic eg. 39) What impact would a nonfunctioning statocyst have on an earthworm? The earthworm would not be able to A) hear. B) respond to touch. C) sense light. D) Inove. @ orient with respect to gravity. 31) What is the role of calcium in muscle contractions? bind to the troponin complex, which leads to the exposure of the myosinnbinding sites ) spread the action potential through the T tubules C) reestablish the polarization of the plasma membrane following an action potential D) break the cross—bridges as a cofactor in the hydrolysis of AT? E) transmit the action potential across the neuromuscular junction 32) What portion of the brain has neurons that receive action potentials from chemoreceptor cells in the nose? A? gustatory complex B) anterior hypothalamus .‘ .C) occipital lobe - D posterior pituitary '- olfactory bulb 33) Integration of simple responses to certain stimuli, such as the patella: reflex, is accomplished by which of the following? ' A) corpus callosum B) medulla C) hypothalamus D) cerebellum @) spinal cord 29) 13 ‘m 3G} 33} Z. ...
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