quiz 2 - Zoology 341 QUIZ #2 Tuesday, March the 17th 2008....

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Zoology 341 QUIZ #2 Tuesday, March the 17 th 2008. Name: PID: Section: Please write in ink, DO NOT USE A PENCIL. Your quiz must be handed into your TA. When the quiz had ended turn over your test and proceed to give it to your TA. Anyone caught writing after the end of the test will get an automatic zero. Anyone who is caught comparing answers at anytime will get an automatic zero. 1) Build a gene (A) Please construct a gene structure diagram for a gene with 3 exons. Label the positions of the exons, introns, 5’ & 3’ URT’s, transcription start site and likely site of the promoter. (2 points) (B) What codon will be just upstream of the 3’ UTR. (1 point) (C) Is this gene from a eukaryote or prokaryote? What evidence do you have for this? (1 point) 2) Explain the biological relationship between these terms. (2 points each) Synonymous and non-synonymous mutations. Primer and DNA replication (explain why a primer is necessary).
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Question 2 continued. Conservative and semi-conservative replication. Promoter and enhancer. Conjugation, transduction, and transformation (briefly discuss similarities and differences and the type of organism this is relevant to). Transduction and co-transduction. 3) Using yeast, you have isolated a mature mRNA specicies that is 1400 base pairs (1.4kb) long from a gene with 2 exons. You have also isolated the primary RNA transcreipt and it is exactly 2kb long. Your experiments demonstrate that only a single protein variant is produced by this gene, and the protein is 400 amino acids in length. (A) How long must the intron be for this gene? (1point)
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quiz 2 - Zoology 341 QUIZ #2 Tuesday, March the 17th 2008....

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