Beauty can be tremendously powerful. ...

Beauty can be tremendously powerful. ... - YOURS:

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YOURS:      Beauty can be tremendously powerful.  American Beauty  echoes Dostoyevsky’s claim that  beauty is salvific. Beauty liberates Ricky, Jane, and Lester enabling them to transcend their  mundane and painful lives. Despite the recent commercialization of beauty, this concept has  been an enduring facet of Christian thought. The discussion of beauty present in  American  Beauty  seeks to restore beauty to the status of a transcendental in the popular imagination.  Looking for points of congruency between Christianity and popular culture, such as the  discussion of beauty in  American Beauty,  can harmonize these two cultural phenomena.             LOCKLIN'S COMMENTS ON YOURS:      Beauty can be tremendously powerful. American Beauty echoes Dostoyevsky’s claim that beauty is salvific. Beauty liberates Ricky, Jane, and Lester enabling them to transcend their mundane and painful lives. The film celebrates transcendent beauty but satirizes superficial   beauty. The discussion of beauty present in American Beauty seeks to restore beauty to the status of a transcendental in the popular imagination. This approach to beauty reverses a trend in There are social as well as spiritual costs to this trivialization. contemporary western culture that tends to value . prize theThe young, clean, and perfect are prized, while the ugly, old, and
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Beauty can be tremendously powerful. ... - YOURS:

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