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ECONOMICS 100 Y: 2006 / 2007 Section L5101 INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS Revised Course Outline : October 4, 2006 – See Item #16 W. G. Wolfson (416) 487-1490; [email protected] About the Course 1. This is an introductory course in basic economic principles. You will learn about how the economy operates in the aggregate (macroeconomics) and deal with issues such as unemployment, inflation and exchange rates. We will also study the behaviour of individual "economic agents" and deal with concepts such as supply and demand, competition, and monopoly (microeconomics). The role of government is analyzed throughout. 2. This course is designed to expose you to the facts, theories and models of the discipline of Economics. But it is also designed to develop your analytical skills, to help you to think for yourself, and to learn to apply the principles and techniques of Economics to new problems and situations. Tests are challenging, but within the grasp of those who work hard to refine their Economics’ reasoning skills. Grades, Tests, Exam 3. Your final grade will be the average of your final exam and term mark. Your term is composed of 3 term tests. 4. The 3 term tests are scheduled for Monday November 13, Monday January 29 and Monday March 26 at 6 P.M. The test may be followed by a short lecture. (NOTE: These dates are subject to change, as announced in class.) 5. Please do your best not to miss a test. It is in your best interests to sit tests, so you can obtain an assessment of your ability to do ECO problems. However, if this is unavoidable due to illness, family trauma or work commitments, you must provide the appropriate documentation to me within 2 weeks. Medical notes must state that you were too ill to write the test. The Make-Up Test will occur in April for all students who missed either T1 or T2 or T3, and will cover materials from all three tests. 6.
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courseSyllabus - 1 ECONO MICS 100 Y 2006 2007 Sectio n...

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