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Using Sources Creatively   Heather Logan, Writing Fellow, WC '93 ( printable version here ) When writing papers that require the use of outside source material, it is often tempting to cite only direct quotations from y To avoid falling into this trap, follow a few simple pointers: Avoid using long quotations merely as space-fillers . While this is an attractive option when faced with a ten-page Don't use only direct quotations . Try using paraphrases in addition to your direct quotations. To the reader, the ef When introducing direct quotations, try to use a variety of verbs in your signal phrases . Don't always rely on stoc Also, when using direct quotations try qualifying them in a novel or interesting manner. Depending on the system of docum
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Unformatted text preview: For example, instead of saying: "None of them knew the color of the sky" is the opening line of Stephen Crane's short story, "The Open Boat" (339). This im Try saying: "None of them knew the color of the sky," the opening line of Stephen Crane's, "The Open Boat," implies that "all sense of c The combination of these two sentences into one is something different. It shows thought on the writer's part in how to com Back to ' Using Sources ' Writer's Web | Writing Center | Make an Appointment | Library...
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