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Reasoning: Generalization Errors   By David Roberts, UR Writing Fellow ( printable version here ) Many writers cite statistical data or other research when attempting to support their assertions. While this is good, many of Unrepresentative Sample Sometimes writers attempt to infer characteristics about an entire population based upon a sample of it. At one level, this is One prominent example of this is an election poll in 1936 which predicted that Franklin Roosevelt would lose to Alf Landon. In order to avoid this error in papers, writers ought to be familiar with how certain numbers and statistics are derived. While
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Unformatted text preview: Ecological Fallacy Sometimes, people mistakenly attempt to infer characteristics about a single individual based upon characteristics of the in For an example of the ecological fallacy, imagine a person saying: Harvard is a better school than Washington and Lee; since John goes to Harvard, he is a better student than Mary, who go This conclusion does not follow from the premises. Even if Harvard is better than Washington and Lee, John could be a com Back to ' Analysis and Argument ' Writer's Web | Writing Center | Make an Appointment | Library...
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