Frankenstein 5-11 - Maggie Hobbs AP 12 Cohen Shelley's...

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Maggie Hobbs Cohen AP 12 Shelley's Frankenstein , 5-11 In chapter 5, Victor's scientific obsession appears as a kind of dream, one that ends with the creature's birth. He wakes at the same moment that the creature does. As the creature's eyes open, Frankenstein's eyes are opened to the horror of what he has done. He is wracked by a sickness of both mind and body which reflects the unnatural character of his endeavor, in which he attempted to take the place of God. The narrator's sentences become abbreviated, abrupt, indicating his nervous, paranoid state. Victor dreams of his mother and Elizabeth; as women, they are both "naturally" capable of creation through childbirth. With their deaths in his dream, the natural creation they represent dies as well. Victor's kiss is the kiss of death, and his marriage to Elizabeth is represented as being equivalent to both a marriage to his mother and a marriage with death itself. At the moment of his birth, the creature reaches out to Frankenstein, only to be abandoned. Despite his appearance, he is as innocent as a newborn. Victor's cruel treatment contrasts starkly to his own idyllic and loving upbringing. He renounces his child at the moment of its birth. We begin to recognize the profoundly unethical character of Frankenstein's experiment and Frankenstein himself. With Elizabeth's letter, we realize how cut off from the outside world Victor has been. His narration of his first two years at Ingolstadt concerns itself not at all with anyone else. We realizes how much time has passed, and how much has changed. We learn the names of Victor's brothers, and of the existence of Justine. Elizabeth's relation to Justine is much like Caroline's relation to Elizabeth: she cares for the
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Frankenstein 5-11 - Maggie Hobbs AP 12 Cohen Shelley's...

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