Frankenstein 12-17 - Maggie Hobbs AP 12 Cohen Shelley's...

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Maggie Hobbs Cohen AP 12 Shelley's Frankenstein , 12-17 Chapter 12 details the creature's longing to join human society. He is initially ignorant of human ways, and must learn everything from scratch. He is still essentially a child, with all of a child's innocence. The cottagers seem God-like and blessed to him, despite the extreme humbleness of their existence. The creature feels himself to be a monster in comparison t them. He is shocked by his own reflection, and is nearly unable to accept it as his own. Yet he still dreams of acceptance into human society, and attempts to master language in order to inspire the family's affection and trust. I pity the creature and fear for him. We know that human society refuses to accept those who are different, regardless of their inner beauty. The creature introduces chapter 13 as "the history of my friends", which reveals his deep attachment to the family, and the attention he paid to every word they said. He tells Frankenstein that he transcribed the letters that Felix and Safie exchanged, and wrote down the family's story in order to remember it more exactly. It is clear that he regards the history of the world and the history of the De Laceys as being equally important. The De Laceys' story illustrates both the goodness and evil of which mankind is and shows the way in which each person may be capable of both good and evil. Felix's strong sense of justice leads him to aid the merchant; his love for his family draws him back to Paris, despite the fact that he knows that he
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Frankenstein 12-17 - Maggie Hobbs AP 12 Cohen Shelley's...

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